The lack of B vitamins leads to stress!


There are moments in life when you feel broken, nothing pleases in life, there is a chill, you always want to sleep or, on the contrary, you suffer from insomnia, the work does not go - it simply does not have the strength. Most often this is due to stressful situations or overwork, as well as malnutrition. What happens with the body, if the tests are all normal, there is no infection in the body? Most likely, our body has exhausted the entire vitamin B and requires it to replenish

Vitamins of group B are the most important substances for human life. Deficiency of these substances causes an imbalance in the work of the nervous system. Probably, that's why the vitamins of group B, especially B1, B6 and B12, are used to treat nervous diseases, to stimulate the natural restoration of the functions of nerve tissues in polyneuropathies. They are also prescribed for the treatment of pain syndrome

What is dangerous is the deficit of this substance? A person is disturbed by sleep, often his hands and legs become numb, cramps appear, heart palpitations become worse at the slightest load, breathing becomes difficult, and there is no appetite. That is, all organs suffer, since the nervous system has declared a boycott

To quickly restore the functions of the nervous system and replenish the body a vitamin preparation PERREVIT B is used