Stresses and neurotic disorders are our constant companions


Stresses haunt us forever. As a rule, they are the cause of many diseases - cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, etc. Therefore, you must learn how to cope with stress, to be able to look at the current situation from the other side

The characteristic symptoms of stress are irritability, lethargy, poor sleep, fatigue. Neuroses and sleep disorders affect mostly women. In addition, more than half of them suffer from nervous disorders accompanied by monthly hormonal cycle

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) - a complex cyclic symptom that occurs in some women a few days before menstruation. Along these days women are nervous, whiny. PMS is often combined with dysmenorrhea, which is accompanied by pain in the abdomen, general weakness, dizziness, fainting

To mitigate and eliminate the effects of stress on the nervous system, as well as to correct the unpleasant conditions in women during menstruation, to relieve neurosis, depression, and for normalization of sleep the phytotherapeutic drug TRIAPAX was made