The nervous system is complex and therefore vulnerable


The central nervous system of a person without exaggeration can be called a living supercomputer. Perception and analysis, feelings and reactions, orientation in space and time, decision-making - all these processes go on in our body continuously and in parallel, all this is controlled by the nervous system

Therefore, our brain and peripheral nerves can be called the most complex and at the same time the most vulnerable body system. For example, the level of electromagnetic radiation that does not even cause thermal effects, can affect the most important functional systems of the body. The mechanism of the damaging effect is simple - electromagnetic fields disrupt the permeability of cell membranes for calcium ions. Not the last role in the violations of the CNS play neurotoxins. The most vulnerable to neurotoxic substances are neurons (functionally basic cells of the nervous system). This is because the activity of nerve cell metabolism is maintained at the required high level, which requires constant expenditure of energy and oxygen. Damage to the structure of the cell membranes of neurons violates their electrical excitability and prevents the impulse

Many factors can lead to such disturbances: neurotoxins, harmful radiation, in particular, the negative effect on chemotherapy and radiation therapy in cancer patients on the CNS has been confirmed

To minimize these harmful effects and to restore the functions of neurons, THIOLAN has been created