The energy and antitoxic center of the body needs support


Many vital tasks are entrusted in the liver. The liver cleanses the blood, filters nutrients from toxins, normalizes metabolism, fills the body with vitamins. Perhaps that is why it is one of the most difficult arranged bodies. Liver transplants - the most expensive and complex

Liver – is a digestive and energy center. In addition to the secretion of bile needed to digest food, the liver synthesizes and maintains the body's energy reserves in the form of glycogen. When the body is frozen, the liver begins to work as an oven, warming the whole body

The liver neutralizes various harmful substances, removes allergens, poisons, toxins, turning them into harmless, less toxic or more easily removed from the body substances. Liver removes the excess hormones, toxic metabolites, such as ammonia, phenol, ethanol, acetone and ketone acid. Cholesterol synthesis occurs in the liver and lipid metabolism is regulated

Without liver our existence is impossible. Any violation of the functions of the body leads to pathological changes, digestive disorders, and requires urgent medical intervention

Difficulty in diagnosis of liver diseases that this body does not have nerve cells. The pain appears only in the presence of stones in the gallbladder. Therefore, experts advise to clean the liver from time to time. But not always possible to normalize the metabolic rate and harmonize the liver only by means of a special diet or herbs

To help the body cope with an intoxication, improve bile secretion kinetics, restore energy reserves and normalize liver biochemical parameters we elaborated injectable SAMESTABIL