There are moments in our lives when it is not superfluous to take a laxative


There are moments in our lives when receiving a laxative is a must

Delay of stool - a condition faced by everyone. The causes of constipation are many: the excesses of food, plenty of protein and carbohydrate foods, fastfoods abuse, a sedentary lifestyle

The root cause of any constipation - bowel dysmotility. Food weight, moving slowly through the digestive tract, forms a seal along the way and stagnate in the intestinal loops.
If the intestines are not emptied for three days already - it is constipation, it is very harmful to the health condition. Stagnation leads to excessive food rotting, formation of slag and intoxication

Constipation problem should be solved without delay. Otherwise you can not avoid hospitalization

The problem of constipation are concerned not only adults but also children. And mothers are worried not in vain, because if the child can not go to the toilet, he starts to hurt the stomach, it becomes sluggish, deteriorating general condition. If you noticed that the frequency of stools in a child does not meet the norm, it is necessary to give him a laxative as soon as possible

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