Fish oil - a worthy place in the diet!


Anyone who has ever tried fish oil, grimaced, remembering the specific taste and smell of the product. But in the last century it was a rule to treat rickets with fish oil in children and also was appointed to strengthen the body with it after illness

Today, this product is again becoming popular among pediatricians and nutritionists. The usefulness of fish oil has been proven more than once. Its main components are the polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3

These acids our bodies can not produce on their own. But getting it from the external environment, we have a powerful antioxidants and antitoxins. As an important energy source, omega-3 supports brain activity and improves mental concentration

Fish oil is very good for our heart and blood vessels. Thanks to omega-3 it reduces the risk of thrombus formation, stimulates fat metabolism in the body, increases vascular tone, strengthens the body

We present the dosage form of fish oil - OMEGAVIS