Crystals that are hazardous to health


The main filter of the body and, of course, one of the important organs of our body are the kidneys. Any changes in the functioning of the body lead to intoxication. After all, the main task of the kidneys - excretion of dissolved salts, the final exchange of toxins and products

Over the years, the kidneys, as well as any filter clogged, signaling us pain. Kidney disease in the early stages can be easily treated with the help of herbs. But people often trigger the disease, leading to the formation of calculi (in a simple way - stones)

The formation of kidney stones is associated with the fact that they produce salt crystals fall out. Often this process is triggered by a metabolic disorder. Small kidney stones cause colic - unbearably severe pain, which can only be reassured by a potent analgesic. Often, kidney stones lead to infections and inflammation in the kidney, ureter and bladder

For effective and safe removal of stones from the kidney and to prevent adherence of infection we developed NEFROKS