The head is cracking!


Headache, which is literally crazy, can cause everything, what we encounter in life. Loud music, hearty meal, lack of sleep, stuffy, eating chocolate or consuming alcohol – may cause headache immediately, and you can not realise – what was the origin?

Often Headache called a migraine, and it was a female disease. These pains were usually associated with premenstrual syndrome and menstruation. Headache - one of the symptoms of menopause

In this age headaches plague both women and men. This is due to changes in lifestyle, ecology. Intolerable headaches occur in people with vessel dystonia. Most often the disease suscept adolescents. Frequent headaches occur within the osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

In adults and obese people often pressure oscillations are observed.Throbbing pain in the head causes high blood pressure, and aching pain - reduced. Unaccustomed exercise and stuffy in an unventilated office also leads to blood pressure jumps

In order to relieve a headache, our company developed MURELAX