Is it possible to feel comfortable during menopause without taking hormones?


Menopause is a real horror for women. Persistent hot flushes, mood swings, irritability, depression. This process is inevitable, but controlled

The main reason for the imbalance during menopause - is a violation and regress of estrogen metabolism - female sex hormone. Every woman's menopause occurs at different times - someone in 40 years, and someone much later. In most cases it depends on lifestyle. Woman with late menopause longer looks young - hair retain luster, the skin remains smooth, as the ovaries continue to produce estrogen

Early menopause often has no effect on health. However, if any, is necessary to address to the gynecologist or endocrinologist, who will appoint symptomatic treatment. In recent years hormone replacement therapy (HRT) become popular, but it does not fit all

It should also be remembered that at the time of menopause, the bones become brittle, leading to osteoporosis and fractures hazards

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