Comfort in the digestive system is an important topic for everyone


Our mood and performance depends on our state of health. And our health is connected with the correct operation of the digestive system. And today it is an important topic for all, because due to incorrect and poor nutrition we are acquiring a whole bunch of diseases

The discomfort in the digestive system is not always associated with poor quality food, or eating disorders. Intestinal colic disturb infants, causing them to loud crying. Young children and school children also often have problems with digestion. This is not surprising, because the combination of study and hyperactivity often causes an imbalance in the intestinal tract

Becoming adults, we continue to experience problems with flatulence and stomach cramps. Lack of time and full-time, hastily swallowed a sandwich or candy, no liquid food lead to inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Failures in the gastrointestinal tract can cause antibiotics, incompatible products, meals from fast food, stress, and hormonal imbalances

To normalize the digestive system, relieve pain, and to relieve children and adults from bloating and abdominal discomfort we developed a natural herbal preparation INTESTIVIS