What are the functions of vitamin E in the body?


Vitamin E is a real vitamin of youth and beauty. Also Vitamin E is the essential ingredient for maintaining fertility. The effect of this vitamin is so vast that it is administered in virtually every field of medicine

The action of vitamin E is extensive. As a powerful antioxidant, it is involved in cell growth. Dissolved in fats, this vitamin is accumulated in the body. Therefore it is administered when necessary to restore organs and tissues - after surgery, fractures, at the initial stage of the cancer, the treatment of wounds, when extinction of sexual function in men and women

Because Vitamin E gets oxygen to all tissues of the body, it is used for the treatment and prevention of heart and blood vessel diseases. Doctors administer vitamin E in atherosclerosis, heart failure. It is also used to treat diabetes

This vitamin is simply irreplaceable in diseases of the nervous system and brain. Even diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease shall on reception of vitamin E. It is used for prevention of lung, prostate and pancreas cancers

Vitamin E deficiency leads to hypotension and degeneration of the skeletal muscles, blood vessels, deterioration of vision, disrupted menstrual cycle. Therefore, this substance is prescribed for women with painful menstruation and during menopause

Vitamin E is taken after dialysis and radiotherapy to reduce the harmful effects of medical procedures