Vitamins and microelements are important and necessary substances for the biochemical processes of the body


Regardless of the way of life and activity all people need vitamins and minerals. In the body, there is no process without their participation. Even a small lack of any of these substances leads to abnormalities of the heart, nervous system, a metabolic disturbance. As a result - a weak immune system, violation of sleep; we feel bad, tired quickly, there are problems with the skin

One of the most important minerals for our body is iron. Its role in the body is crucial: it accelerates growth of both bone and muscle tissue, increases resistance to diseases, prevents iron deficiency anemia, restores skin tone

The main function of iron - production of blood cells lymphocytes, which are responsible for the immune system and red blood cells that supply the blood with oxygen. This mineral is necessary for metabolism. Iron is involved in oxygen delivery in cells and tissues; also it maintaines the immune system

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