The defense complex of our body


Immunity - is the body's ability to deal with a variety of disease-causing infections and tumor cells. Frequent colds, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, frequent headaches, allergies - all this leads to a decrease in immunity

Usually we begin to strengthen your immune system, when seriously ill. Although any disease, especially catarrhal, it is primarily a consequence of immune deficiency. Immunity half depends on heredity, beginning to form in the womb, and from the half – on lifestyle. For the normal immune system activity you need to take care of it constantly: provide balanced nutrition, enough sleep and lead an active life

It is important to support the immune system during the cold season, when many suffer from respiratory infections, during the period of allergies, rehabilitation after surgery, injury. In such cases it is possible to strengthen the immune system with the help of immune agents. For this purpose, A natural immune stimulator VITEROY was made for this purpose