Better to see once than hear a hundred times


Vision is a unique system. All of its organs are functioning harmoniously. Therefore, we can see both in the light and in the dark, distinguish the colors and perceive images. Approximately 90 percent of the information from the world around a person receives through sight

Eyes - one of the most important organs of senses. It can be considered a part of the brain. The structure of the eye is very complex. All information from the outside passes through the retina - the light waves receiver, which transforms them into nerve impulses that transmit information to the brain. The eyes have a direct impact on the functioning of the brain, the development of intelligence and speech

Eye health is affected by many factors. The first is neglect of vision, disturbances in the body, a variety of diseases. Today, almost every home has a television, computers. And often after a day spent in front of the monitor, we sit down at home to watch a movie or a concert, to communicate in social networks. And already in bed we often read under dim light. With such a load on our eyes it is not surprising that more and more people are turning to the ophthalmologist for help. In addition, aging changes begin at 40-50. Although with proper nutrition and caring for the vision this moment can be delayed over longer periods

To help restore people's visual acuity, as well as save your eyes from the surge natural recovering agents were created. One of them - VISIOCCHI