The inconvenience of talking about an uncomfortable topic does not relieve the inconvenience. Is there a safe means for constipation that children can use?


For many people, constipation is considered to be a sensitive topic. Discussion of this condition is indecent. However, the problem exists, and it must be solved

Constipation occurs when intestines are rarely or not fully emptied. This is due to gut dysmotility. Food moves through the sluggish digestive tract, thus become compacted, stagnates, sometimes forming stones. Most often suffer from constipation those people who have broken activity of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as children and the elderly

In rare cases, constipation is not terrible. But when it becomes a regular problem, you must consult your doctor immediately. The body will be in the mode of intoxication, which is fraught with consequences. Very often children suffer from constipation. If the baby did not go to the potty for a few days, complaining of abdominal pain, we receive an urgent need to take action

What can cause this disease? First of all, it is a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. In second place are the problems of human health - colitis, cholecystitis, hormonal disruptions. In any case it is necessary to treat the constipation

To eliminate constipation in children, pediatricians recommend taking an effective and safe lactulose, such is in TOTALLAX