Intestinal dysbiosis - one of the important diseases of our time. By itself, it can not develop

There are many micro-organisms in the gut - lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, E. coli. Without them, the digestion process is impossible. As long as these bacteria are balanced, we feel great. Human health and the protective functions of the body depends largely on intestine wellness . But if the balance of intestinal microflora is little disturbed - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea may occur. These are the first signs of dysbiosis

We have plenty of reasons intestinal microflora imbalance. It is, first of all, antibiotics, hepatic dysfunction, frequent stress, unhealthy diet, alcohol abuse, chronic gastrointestinal diseases, parasites and many others

For sure, to establish the bowels, it is necessary to cure the underlying disease, which led to changes in the microflora. But for starters, you can settle in the body alive bacteria, developed by scientists - probiotics, or stimulate the development of normal microflora with prebiotics

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