Timely rebuff to microbes and viruses


With the arrival of the cold people with weak immune systems start to suffer from colds. This especially concerns children. Only someone frozen on the street or soaked feet or exposed to rain - and in the evening aches throughout the body, headache, runny nose appear. On the background of general malaise we feel tickle in the throat, it hurts to swallow. These are the first signs of a sore throat

What triggers a sore throat? After all, it occurs not only in the cold season, when the cause of the disease is a virus. Everyone knows this illness in summer and its causes: nearby working air conditioner, torrential rain, cold juice or ice cream

Cause of the disease is simple. In humans, there are thousands of different species of microorganisms. The mucous membrane of the mouth also has its own opportunistic pathogens, which in strong immunity does not bring any harm. However, in certain circumstances, the body's “defense forces” are reduced, and this leads to inflammation of the mucosa. In this case you receive a sore throat

If such trouble happens with you and disease is inevitable, from the very first minutes, start to take infection control measures. For these purposes, our specialists set up oral spray PROPOGOL