Intimate health is the basis of femininity


The female body inspired the work of artists, poets and sculptors for thousands of years. Works of art from the time of the rock painting and to this day convey to us the smoothness of the lines, the seductiveness of movements frozen in paint and stone. Unfortunately, beauty and femininity sung in poems and songs can be overshadowed by intimate discomfort

The phrase "bacterial vaginosis" is known to every woman. Statistics show that violations of the microbiological landscape of the vagina are found in almost all the fair sex. In the vagina there is a special microflora, the composition of which in healthy women is constant. The norm is the predominance of lactobacilli in the microflora, but if they are replaced by anaerobic pathogens, doctors talk about the development of bacterial vaginosis

The most characteristic and often the only symptom of bacterial vaginosis is discharge from the genital tract, often with an unpleasant odor. Usually these discharges are liquid, whitish or slightly greyish, the tones are abundant, permanent, or lean, short-lived, appearing from time to time. The appearance of unpleasant secretions should alert the woman. In this case, you must always contact the gynecologist

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