Kidney - natural filter


One of the main filter of the body are the kidneys. Any changes in their work immediately affect the health of the whole organism

The main function of the kidneys - excretory. They pass filtering processes and secretions. As with any filter, contaminated kidneys, causing various diseases

One such disease is kidney stone disease. The cause of stone formation is a metabolic disorder. As a result insoluble salts are formed in kidneys, it leads to the formation of stones (calculi). The number and sizes of stones can be totally different. Very often, small stones are evacuated within urine. Large calculi (sometimes with the size of a golf ball) can lead to obstruction of the ureter, and are accompanied by an attack of pain in the lumbar region

Often, on the background of kidney disease the infection appears (nephritis.) Untimely or incorrect treatment of this disease can lead to kidney failure

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