Is it possible to cope with premenstrual syndrome, painful menstrual, unpleasant symptoms of menopause?


Almost every woman in her life faces with diseases of the sexual sphere. Women's problems are different but all of them bring discomfort. Pain in the lower abdomen for a few hours before the start of menstruation and during, nausea, headaches, nervous tension, increased body temperature - everything is literally pulls of life

For 2-3 days before the onset of menstruation among plenty of women there is premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Psycho-emotional, vegetative and endocrine interactions in the body fail systems. Changes in the body have a negative impact on women’s traditional way of life. The reasons for the PMS has not been established yet. For each woman separately it will have its own - childbirth, abortion, stress, infection. And the treatment will also be individual - from psychological counseling to treatment of the infection

Independent disease, which many confuse with PMS is dysmenorrhea - menstrual disorder. Severe pain is literally killing the nervous system. Performance reduces, all mental processes deteriorate. Some women even have to go to the hospital these days. Every third woman suffers from dysmenorrhea

No less of a problem for women menopause brings. Persistent hot flushes, irritability, and depression just maddening

The main treatments for women's issues are pharmacotherapy. Natural regulator of hormonal interactions, plant complex MENORMIL comes for help