Spare battery for the heart


For the normal functioning heart requires a lot of energy. In a healthy person for this purpose the body produces L-Carnitine - "the secret of longevity." This substance helps to use fat for energy. But in people suffering from heart disease, a very low concentration of this substance is measured

The human heart is powered not only by glucose, and 70% due to the burning of fat. Processing the fat depends on L-carnitine. Deficiency of this substance leads to health problems

Usually, L-carnitine is administered in the form of a nutritional supplement for people with cardiovascular disease, premature babies, vegans, renal failure and of male infertility. Within a few days of L-carnitine application improves the patient's state of health with heart problems

In order to avoid carnitine deficiency, improve skin tone and performance of the heart muscle, restore energy balance and regulatory processes L-carnitine products were invented. One of them is LECARNITA