Diseases of civilization: is there a solution?


Heart is the engine of the body. And, like any engine, it is responsible for our livelihoods. Nowadays, heart disease is the leading cause of death

Scientists have proved that the causes of heart disease and blood vessels in the first place may be hereditary, congenital or infection. Sedentary people who are inclined to corpulence, who lead unhealthy lifestyle, are constantly exposed to stress - very often suffer from heart disease. Thus man himself provokes these diseases

Diseases of the cardiovascular system begin with discomfort in the body. Constant fatigue, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, edema, chest pain, high blood pressure - the first signs of the disease for which people do not always pay attention. But early diagnosis and timely curation - one of the most effective treatment for the disease. And in many cases strokes and heart attacks could have been prevented

Another problem is the human diabetes. It is a chronic disease that develops due to lack of the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas. Insulin conveys glucose to the body cells, which enters the bloodstream from food and provides energy to the tissue. If insulin is insufficient, blood glucose levels rise. This condition is called hyperglycemia. Left without energy, the body dies

What can we do to prevent the development of chronic diseases? How to support the body and restore it, even if the heart and blood vessels have been altered, if diabetes developing, vascular and nervous tone impaired? LECARNITA comes for help