Liver - natural filter


Recently, liver diseases begin too frequent. The danger of this disease is that in an early stage it may be asymptomatic. And when a person decides to visit a doctor, the disease has already started. And then you will need a long and serious treatment

The liver - one of the most important and essential organs. It is charged with a variety of functions. For example, detoxification - the transformation of toxic substances in secure. Also liver provides important metabolic processes: synthesizing bile necessary for fat digestion, formation of glycogen from glucose, metabolism of vitamins and hormones. The liver is also the storage of a large volume of blood

Such a number of different functions is possible due to the anatomical structure of the liver. For example, the blood enters the liver not only through the arteries, as happens with all other organs, but also by the portal vein, comprising a substances derived from the gastrointestinal tract. All that substances pass through the liver, recognized there as harmful or useful

Only the necessary amount of nutrients remain is in the liver, the excess is distributed throughout the body. Harmful substances are retained and transformed into harmless

Too many negative environmental factors have effect on the liver. But in most cases the liver disease occurs because of poor lifestyle choices. In the first place it is necessary to change the character of nutrition, physical activity regime, give up bad habits. To support the liver LEBESIL is produced