Important participants in the immune response


Everyone knows that it is better to prevent a disease than to treat it. The main defense of the human body is the immune system, and the main need to strengthen the immune system is to prevent disease

Immunity - is a property of the body to fight bacteria, viruses, cancer cells. The state of our immune system is largely dependent on the presence of lactic acid bacteria in the body

Lactobacilli (Lactobacillus) - are the first bacteria encountered by people. Passing through the birth canal, the baby receives mother's microorganisms, which will be the beginning of his immune system

In humans, lactobacilli live over entire digestive tract, beginning with the oral mucosa. Even in the stomach, where the acidic environment is prevalent, these microorganisms are able to survive. Therefore, Lactobacillus are an excellent antibacterial agent - a kind of natural antibiotic

Another of the properties of lactobacilli is the absorption of pathogens and preventing the development of putrefactive environment in the intestine. Under the influence of lactobacilli die dangerous for the organism Klebsiella bacteria, Citrobakter, Proteus, Enterobacter, Pseudomonas and Candida. Lactobacillus - the main enemy of Shigella, which causes dysentery. Lactobacilli found in the oral cavity, kill staphylococcus bacteria that cause sore throat and upper airway inflammation. Lack of these micro-organisms may lead to allergies

Lactobacilli in synergie with immune epithelial cells form lymphoid tissue on the intestinal mucosa. Under certain circumstances, the immunoglobulin production occurs due Lactobacillus

Today Lactobacillus can be obtained not only from products, but also as a pharmacological agent. Your immune system can be supported by the natural remedy IMMUNOVIS containing Lactobacillus