Can we support the liver with natural remedies?


Liver stands on the way of all toxins in the first place. And its task is to neutralize toxins and remove them from the body

Liver - one of the most unique organs. It performs a variety of functions - energetic, regulatory, protective. Each day preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavors, which are sufficient in our food, pass through the liver. Poisons include substances such as ethyl alcohol, allergens and toxins, some drugs and supplements. And all this is the liver converts into less dangerous compounds

Of course, such work wears out the body. The liver cells are damaged, their structure is broken, and it takes time to restore full functionality. After all, in a state of permanent disposal of poisons, sooner or later, such a regime will lead to complete organ dysfunction

Only natural products or medicines based on herbs can support the liver. Such recovering agent is GEPAVIS - a natural remedy, containing artichoke extract