What do we know about peptic ulcer disease?


Gastrointestinal diseases such as gastritis and ulcers, sick every other inhabitant of the planet. Someone at the first stomach pain immediately go to the doctor and begin treatment, and someone does not consider this a serious illness, and just for some time arranges a kind of diet. However, gastritis is not a runny nose and will not walk away by itself. Frequent stomach pain - this is the first "bell" incipient ulcer disease - a chronic disease that is most often treated with over the years

Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the majority affect men. The causes of this disease are considered to be chronic and neglected diseases, poor nutrition, stress, bacteria. In spring and autumn, when all diseases are aggravated, lady's fingers suffer from pain in the stomach. If the patient has duodenal ulcer - a pain is felt in the right part of the stomach, sometimes in the chest region or given back. By the nature of the pain is very diverse: there are heavy and dull, aching and cramping

The main symptom of a peptic ulcer after the pain is heartburn. In the lady's finger gastric acidity increases. Therefore, when rising juice from the stomach acid irritates the esophagus causing an unpleasant burning sensation

At the end of the last century, medicine took a step forward in the study, diagnosis and treatment of peptic ulcer. Nowadays treatment methods continue to evolve. However, as before, the initial treatment begins with normalization of gastric acidity

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