In focus - joint health


In recent years, people increasingly began to complain of pain and aching joints. And do not say that only fat and elderly people suffer from this disease and it is an irreversible process. Scientists have proved that every third person today suffers from diseases of the joints, Including young people

Global computerization more immobilizes humanity. And lack of physical activity destroys the musculoskeletal system. Since only during of the motion synovial fluid synthesis, full metabolic processes in joints and their nutrition occur. Stagnation of synovial fluid leads to destructive processes

Physical inactivity is not the only cause of the disease. First of all - it's irresponsible attitude of people to their health. Running injuries, acute and chronic inflammation off the joints, a variety of infections, metabolic disorders often lead to disability. In order to protect yourself from such a disease, you need to start early prevention of disease and restore the health of the body

Diseases of the joints can be treated successfully only in the early stages. However, the first time they felt the pain in the joints, people are in no hurry to see a doctor. Pursuing self-medicate, they take painkillers or use folk remedies. 3-4 Years ill person still goes to the hospital, but the disease has time to cause changes in the joints, and then restore the function of the musculoskeletal system becomes very difficult. It is no accident that people say, for example, about deforming arthrosis, that he was "sneaking up"

One of the preventive medicines that prevent the development of diseases of the joints is CHONDROVIS