Stress is an integral part of our life


Stress - a term that fits into our lives. From the rapid rate in which we now live, our body gets tired. Suffer our hormonal, nervous and vascular systems. Experiencing chronic stress, people feel insecure, so are irritated, and thus have disturbing sleep. Bringing the nervous system to exhaustion, we fall into neurosis. In simple language - a nervous breakdown

What leads to a nervous stress? Most often it is fatigue (both on long-term hard work, and from the psychological stress), expectations and disappointments that we experience as a personal nature (quarrel breaks relations) and social (problems at work). The cause of a nervous breakdown may also be financial issues (large arrears, loss of business). Even slight stress one by one, leading to emotional outbursts - tears, panic attacks, feelings of self-blame, a sense of loneliness. The excess production of thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland – hyperthyroidism – can also cause to a nervous breakdown

Experts estimate that nowadays neuroses due to lack of sleep affects 12-15% of men and 25-30% of women worldwide. Nervous disorders, that are accompanied by hormonal cycle imbalance, affects more than 50% of women. Increased irritability and hypertonicity form the basis of nervous disorders in children

During stress the human body produces the hormone adrenaline. Adrenaline activates all the processes to find a way out of difficult situations. Therefore, even a small stress is useful because trains the brain. But when life is made up of stress, the body weakens and loses its force. As a result we see an opposite effect: instead of activation hormones stop the body

Everybody has his own way to cope with stress. One is enough to have a heart in a relaxed atmosphere, the other - to pull yourself together and start to live "from scratch". But in any case it is recommended to visit qualified psychologist, and sometimes even a psychotherapist

For the restoring work of the nervous system, protection against the negative effects of stress and sleep normalisation, the product CALMAVIS is created