Ubiquitous invaders


Helminthiasis - a very common disease, especially in children. According to scientists, helminths (in a simple way - worms) are located in the body in every fourth inhabitant of the planet. Most often we do not even realize the presence of parasites in the body. The body warns of the danger, but the symptoms of worm infections are very similar to other diseases - migraines, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders and many others. Trying to cure one disease, the patient gives the worms an opportunity to multiply and parasitize in the body further. But if you try at least one antihelmintic drug, annoying disease goes away

Today there are about 280 species of worms that live in the human body. Mostly often worm invasion occurs in oral way. That is, the eggs of worms seep to the human body with food or water

One way of invasion is biohelminthiasis. Eating undercooked or raw meat or fish that are infected with worms, we expose ourselves to danger

The popular method of invasion is contagious helminthiasis when parasite eggs are passed from an infected animal or human. If you ignore the rules of hygiene, you can get in the "gift" of worms
Another way of invasion - geohelminthiasis – with parasites that live in the ground

Diagnostics of worm invasion proceed in different ways - from the identification of larvae and eggs in the laboratory to detection of adult worms by ultrasonography. It depends on the type of the parasite, its size, number and location in the body

Treatment of various helminth infections is always held by antihelminthic medications. Thus, our company have developed a natural product ADVERMIS