Welcome to the website of the pharmaceutical company Perrery Farmaceutici

We initiate and implement projects for human health. Our products are the result of many years of research and development, experience in the field of plant biochemistry and other natural components. We examine medicinal and endemic plants from all over the world on the content of new bioactive compounds, identify and study the properties of bioactive natural compounds for the production of immunomodulators, vitamin preparations, antibacterials, antioxidants and natural metabolic regulators for adults and children

Perrery Farmaceutici S.r.l. is an Italian company that has a license to use all Perrery International trademarks. The task of Perrery Farmaceutici S.r.l. is to ensure the development and production of effective, safe and easy-to-use drugs and dietary supplements

Perrery International is an international pharmaceutical group with experience in licensing, registration and marketing of medical products since 2003. The production and development of products are outsourced to partner organizations specializing in these areas

The most important goal of Perrery International is to ensure the effective promotion of high-quality medicines from the manufacturer to the patient. We consider ourselves bound to provide only quality and safe products that will serve health and well-being

For partners

Interaction with our customers and partners is built on the values ​​and business philosophy. Human relations are very important to us, based on the principles of responsibility, trust and care. The emphasis on ethics and the quality of relationships is a harmonious projection of our attitude to the process of creating high-quality and affordable food additives, medicines and products for medical use

We strive for long-term leadership and sustainable development of the company's value by expanding the geography of the business, identifying new opportunities in meeting health needs, continuously improving quality and building high trust in our products