Take care of your heart


Today, many diseases occur in a latent form that leads to chronic illness, and sometimes to tumors. About statistics, basic causes of premature death are heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The causes of these diseases is often a late diagnosis of the disease, or poor quality care

Heart disease, like many others, often occur hidden, does not prove itself. But the smooth functioning of our cardiovascular system is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the whole organism. The most common heart disease in people who are obese, leading a sedentary lifestyle, smokers and those whose work is associated with stressful situations. Deposits of cholesterol in the blood vessels leading to atherosclerosis, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke

Diabetes mellitus - a global problem of our health. The cure for this chronic disease is not found yet. The disease develops due to insufficient production of the hormone of the pancreas - insulin. This hormone allows our tissues with energy, spreading through the body glucose, which comes from food. With a shortage of insulin in the blood glucose level rises, which may even lead to death

How to prevent these diseases? If changes in the body has been occured, diabetes or heart and blood vessels deseases developing, in the period of rehabilitation, in terms of increased nerve or muscle tension – MEDCARNIT 5 is called for help