The body management center requires support


Every day, our nervous system is under stress. The rulers, the queues in supermarkets, rudeness in public transport, and even family problems may bring exhaustion for our nervous system. A person suffer from insomnia, headaches, constant change of mood, chronic fatigue, memory deteriorates. If you do not support the nervous system in such a time, you are in danger of a nervous breakdown

In order to maintain the nervous system and increase its efficiency, the staff of our company created a complex product in the form of syrup COGIVIS. It consists of the amino acid L-asparagine and N-acetyl-L-glutamine, DL-phosphoserine and vitamin B6

Application of COGIVIS helps to activate the brain, leads to a significant improvement in storing information, increases the amount of memory, particularly visual. COGIVIS improves mood, increases the effectiveness of training and mental performance in adults and the elderly, activates thinking in people with high mental stress