The importance of calcium and vitamin D3 for the health of the musculoskeletal system


There is nothing more important for humans than walking with their feet, not be a burden to their loved ones. But lately, more and more people complain about sore feet, frequent bone fractures, even with simple bruises. And what about winter period, when, due to slippery roads hundreds of people with fractures are treated in hospitals. Curation appears complicated, as the fracture heals poorly. What is the problem?

Believed that in order to strengthen our bone system we require calcium. Therefore, everyday products and food rich with calcium should be included in our diet. Indeed, calcium – is an essential component for the development and maintenance of bone strength. But by itself is not perceived by our digestive system. To provide full absorbtion of calcium, vitamin D3 must be present

This vitamin was opened in the early twentieth century. In those days, a panacea for many diseases of the skeletal system was cod liver oil, rich in vitamin D3. It is used for children with rickets (bone deformities), which hurt most small children. Later we proved that for the rapid and qualitative treatment of fractures it is necessary, as much as possible,  to eat food rich with calcium and vitamin D3. Moreover, daily replenishment of these elements reduces the number of fractures in elderly people suffering from osteoporosis

For the proper development of bones in children and maintaining a healthy bone in adults OSTEOVIS has been developed by our company. OSTEOVIS – is a combined product of calcium, vitamin D3, zinc and magnesium - all you need for your bones