Sleep and anti-stress



CALMAVIS - an original combined herbal product, which effectively and safely solves the problem of increased excitability and sleep disorders in children and adults, and also protects the nervous system from harmful effects of stress

CALMAVIS is an effective solution for irritability, bad mood and sleep disorders

CALMAVIS is a compound of plant extracts, L-tryptophan and magnesium, which help to relieve stress and anxiety, promote deep sleep and ensure a good rest at night

CALMAVIS provides peace of mind and a healthy sleep, raises the mood in children and adults

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What is COGIBIL?

COGIBIL is a natural nootropic and a vasodilating agent based on an extract from leaves Ginkgobiloba COGIBIL normalizes metabolism in cells, rheological properties of blood and microcirculation. It improves cerebral circulation oxygen and glucose delivery to the brain, prevents aggregation of erythrocytes, inhibits the platelet activation factor. Detects a dose-dependent regulatory effect on the vascular system, stimulates the synthesis of the endothelium of the dependent dilating factor (nitric oxide-NO), dilates the small arteries, raises the tone of the veins, thereby regulating vascular blood flow. Reduces the permeability of the vascular wall (anti-edematous effect - both at the level of the brain and peripheral)

COGIBIL has an antithrombotic effect (due to stabilization of platelet and erythrocyte membranes, influence on the synthesis of prostaglandins, reduction of the action of biologically active substances and platelet-activating factor). COGIBIL prevents formation of free radicals and lipid peroxidation of cell membranes. Normalizes the release, reabsorption and catabolism of neurotransmitters (norepinephrine, dopamine, acetylcholine) and their ability to bind to receptors

COGIBIL has an antihypoxic effect, improves metabolism in organs and tissues, promotes accumulation of macroergerges in cells, increases utilization of oxygen and glucose, normalization of mediator processes in the central nervous system

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What is COGIVIS?

COGIVIS is a natural product for restoring and maintaining the effective functioning of the central nervous system, including during psychophysical loads and in elderly age

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ISOFEROL D is a non-hormonal product based on red clover and soy isoflavonoids, which contains vitamin D and fish oil (omega-3)

ISOFEROL D helps to avoid problems during menopause

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LECARNITA is a product that contains L-carnitine for the correction of metabolic processes of the body

LECARNITA is effective for restoring the full-fledged work of the cardiovascular system, for harmonizing the metabolism of proteins and fats, for improving the state of the nervous system, vascular and muscle tone

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What is LUCIUM D?

LUCIUM D – a natural product for improving vision, as well as for harmonizing biochemical processes and strengthening the protective properties of the body

LUCIUM D helps to restore and maintain immunity, and is also useful for comprehensive rehabilitation after infections, intoxications, injuries, mental and physical overstrain

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МENORMIL (export name Dol Mestr) – a combined non-hormonal product on a plant basis, it`s components have a normalizing effect on the level of hormones. MENORMIL has a dopaminostimulating, regulating, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, sedative, diuretic action

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What is MURELAX?

МURELAX is an effective natural remedy for the treatment and prevention of headaches

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PERREVIT В is a balanced complex of B vitamins intended for the prevention and treatment of hypo and avitaminosis, as well as for patients with reduced immunity, regular physical and mental stress

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What is TRIAPAX?

TRIAPAX – a natural remedy for harmonizing and strengthening the nervous system, preventing the negative effects of stress, and also for relieving the symptoms of dysmenorrhea and its neurotic consequences

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