What is LUCIUM D?

LUCIUM D – a natural product for improving vision, as well as for harmonizing biochemical processes and strengthening the protective properties of the body

LUCIUM D helps to restore and maintain immunity, and is also useful for comprehensive rehabilitation after infections, intoxications, injuries, mental and physical overstrain

Sea buckthorn oil (Oleum Hippophaes)

Vitamin D

Vitamin Е

Sea-buckthorn oil improves eyesight, supports the natural immunity of the body and strengthens the cardiovascular and digestive system. Sea-buckthorn is rich in carotenoids, phytosterols, essential fatty acids: omega-3, 6, 9 and rare omega-7 unsaturated fatty acids

Healthy skin and healthy tissues are the alpha and omega of our immunity. They are a barrier that stops harmful substances from entering the body, acting as a shield against diseases. Seabuckthorn not only preserves the health of the tissues of our digestive tract and respiratory tracts - its beneficial effects will also be valuable for those who suffer from dry eye syndrome, or women concerned about the dryness of the vagina

The results of recent studies also point to the key role of vitamin D in maintaining the functioning of the immunity system at the proper level

Vitamin E helps protect cells from oxidative stress

  • LUCIUM D improves vision and has an immunomodulatory effect
  • LUCIUM D works in a complex way, supporting the immune system and cleaning the body from toxins due to its unique antioxidant properties
  • LUCIUM D harmoniously complements the regimens for the treatment of infections, intoxications and the effects of stress
  • Decreased vision and performance
  • In the period of rehabilitation after acute and chronic poisoning, trauma and surgical interventions, stress neurotic disorders
  • As an immunomodulator in the complex therapy of viral and bacterial infections, to improve the state of fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome

Take 1 capsule 2 times a day, with a glass of water. Do not exceed the recommended dose

There are no known side effects associated with the use of this product

Avoid using in case of known hypersensitivity to one or more components of the product

In case of treatment of the underlying disease with drugs, before using LUCIUM D, consult a doctor

Store in a dark place at a temperature not above 25 °C. Keep out of the reach of children!

Capsules, 60 gelatine capsules