What is URCIDIN Z?

URCIDIN Z – a dietary supplement based on CMP, UMP, zinc. URCIDIN Z helps to restore the neuronal metabolic activity at physiological levels

Cytidine 5’-monophosphate (CMP)
Uridine 5'-monophosphate (UMP)
Zinc (Zinc gluconate)

Due to properties of main ingredients, CMP and UMP, Urcidin Z provides neurons with oxidizable substrate through the pathways of glucose utilisation: the Krebbs cycle and the hexose monophosphate shunt
CMP and UMP strengthen the succinate cycle at a cerebral level. This cycle originates in hypoxic situations and enables alleviation of damage caused by ammonia and lactic acid. CMP and UMP allow glucose utilization even in the case of serious alterations in the liver and enable normal metabolism and brain function even in the case of the brain being isolated and perfused separately from the liver. UMP has considerable anticonvulsant properties, demonstrated in a large number of experimental models. CMP, on the other hand, has been proved to promote biosynthesis of the phospholipids of neuronal membranes. CMP and UMP are also the precursors of pyrimidine nucleotides involved in protein synthesis
Zinc regulates the activity of enzymes in the nervous tissue. It is also a neurotransmitter and a CNS neuromodulator. Zinc deficiency and disruption of homeostasis lead to neurological disorders, including impaired brain development, epileptic seizures and neurodegenerative diseases. It plays an important role in controlling epileptic seizures. Ensuring a sufficient level of Zinc intake is an important step towards the optimal functioning of the brain and can prevent the decline of cognitive functions in the elderly

  • CMP and UMP promote the synthesis of RNA that represents the biochemical basis of memory
  • CMP and UMP involved physiologically in the metabolic processes of sugars, lipids and proteins
  • Contributes to normal cognitive function
  • Neuralgia, neuritis of nervus trigeminus, nervus facialis, plexitis
  • Osteoarticular neuralgia (lumbago, lumbalgia, lumboschialgia, radiculopathy), intercostal neuralgia
  • Metabolic neuralgia (consequences of alcohol dependence, complications of diabetes- polyneuropathy)
  • Ganglionitis, vertebrogenic pain, Bell's paralysis, myopathy, carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Vascular cerebral diseases on an organic basis

Take 1 vial (10 ml) once a day with a glass of water. Take after meals

There are no known side effects associated with the use of this product

Avoid using in case of known hypersensitivity to one or more components of the product

If you have experienced a traumatic brain injury, stroke, or neuroinfections, consult your neurologist before use of the product

Store in a dark place at a temperature not above 25 °C. Keep out of the reach of children!

Oral solution, 10 ml in vials. 10 vials in carton box with cardboard divider