Pharmaceutical innovation is a complex creative process, which involves much more than, in fact, research. An important task of the system of creation and introduction of new drugs into production is to ensure interrelation with other enterprise processes related to the drug life-cycle. This approach makes it possible to ensure the quality of the product along the whole technological chain, that is, to "build in" the quality into the product from the moment of its development and ensure a steady reproduction of this quality from series to series. In addition, in order to ensure the availability of medicines, the company makes every effort to minimize time and financial costs, starting with a scientific idea, through development and ending with the regulatory approval and introduction of the drug on the market

We constantly study the therapeutic needs and direct our efforts to the search and development of original products, as well as convenient combinations of known substances and new preparations on a plant basis

Perrery Farmaceutici has a significant and successful experience in working with inventors, developers and researchers of medicines and is open for fruitful cooperation

We consider innovative proposals related to development, research and implementation in manufacturing in the following areas:

New dietary supplements

New medicines

New medical products

New or improved dosage forms